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The largest in the country!
Orlando International Airport's new control tower will total nearly 320 feet (200 ft. currently). When finished it will resemble a Jetsons' prop.

Orlando Ground Transportation links and news.

Florida Air is about to take off. More Metropolitan Airline links and services, serving Central Forida.

Florida Maglev gets funded, $1 million.

Florida E-Pass! New Transponders are activated, since January 1st. Participants roll through most state tolls, even the Sanibel causeway! Even the Florida Turnpike by the end of March.

Take Out Taxi Orlando!

Shuttle Watch

Frequent visitors might want to skip the launch viewing bus shuttle to enjoy the Space Center privately. During lift-off, after the noise passes, bull gators lift-up out of the waters edge and ROOOAR. Has someone invaded the territory? The small channel by the administative building is a great starting spot.

NASA Spaceflight.

Also, at the Florida Today slash space web site you will find some interesting orbiter info.

Built in 1953 Port Canaveral has recently added the Disney passenger cruise ships Magic and Wonder. The Cape is billed as the only quadramodal (land, sea, air or space) port in the world.
Port Cape Canaveral Port Canaveral.

For passenger cruise links click on 'attractions' found below.

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