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Ocala Florida, just north of Orlando, boasts the single largest concentration of Equestrian ranches in the world. Ocala Breeders' Sales Company.

Daytona International Speedway.

Everest 2000 is said to recieve millions and millions and millions of visitors per month.

Orlando based Score Card USA will provide a host of services for amateur athletes and organizations.
Liquid Golf Portal. Located here in Orlando and making the news due to huge traffic increases.

Total Baseball Weekly - Florida Scuba News.

Florida and March = Baseball spring training Inside Central Florida.

LasVegas Sun.

Orlando Metro Gymnastics Metrogym - Orlando Jaialai Orlando Jaialai.

Sport photos by Brian Cleary .... Sports Ya - Espanol.

Outdoor Adventures

Bird Watching

Florida chapters of the Audubon Society. Orlando's Wilderness Trekkers Geocities.


WMBA and NCAA Women's basketball from the Rose Quarter.

Orlando Magic - NBA/ magic.
Suggested Site - B-ball.Yahoo.
Orlandoneans call them the Tragic Magic as good fortune consistantly evaporates. However a fighting team without super-stars takes the court which is bad for merchancise sales though GREAT for the fans of Orlando.
10+ first round picks during the next five years.

Miami Heat.
Suggested Site - Miamiheat Heat Kevin's - Surveys and chat room.

Orlando Miracle - WMBA miracle.
Suggested Site - Sentinel/ miracle.


Orlando Solar Bears.
Bill's Solar Bears site.

Tampa Bay Lightning Clubhouse.

The Joy of Hockey, a page for every player.

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