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The Information Highway of Canada is a nice no-nonsense site served with a famous infrastructure. Currently our second choice (on the prowl) would have to be Brazillion as they are looking to help.

Cable, DSL, Direct Fiber, a combination? Perhaps this isn't much of a concern at present, says the late adopter. Nevertheless in this instance uncertainty has this unique ability, it's able to project stress without regard for accuracy or the abundance of information.

Jato high speed DSL services of Jacksonville doesn't tell customers that the service is free but they will let you try it before you buy it.

Never could buy the 'free, free, free' thingy but 'brilliance in communication' is near to my heart although this might not show :-). See Lyxom's free services including DSL.

Florida Digital dot net is a facilities based CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) providing local, long distance and Internet services for small to medium sized businesses. Orlando HQ's, if interested check their Florida Markets and see the superstate expansion to be implemented the first quarter of 2001.

Level 3 Communications is building a statewide fiber optic network and serves in eight countries . With the Customer Service Center "you get instant desktop access to an entire host of business performance metrics that empower you to manage your network."

The Internet Access Group, IAG dot net, is now an affiliate of One Main- "Internet services and local content to smaller metropolitan markets and rural communities". The description should include the words, dependable, good service, professional presence. Notice the battle in Massachusetts between the Cape Cod Times, the local paper and Capecod net, One Mains representative in the area. Cape Cod Shop and advertising from the Times or get a little something something from the Internet Service Provider's mall, the Cape Cod Market or both.

Routers and Photonics will form the next generation Optical Internet. -Photonics Online.com-
The battle is said to focus on plastics verses crystals- opto chips.

MPI Net popped down from Washington D.C. with a great deal of investment capital and wasted no time getting right to business providing Internet access at $12.95, however everything else costs extra because it does. They've Just picked up Florida Online including Digital Net, InternetU, and Sun Net while Intersrv was an earlier acquisition. Now covering Central and South Florida including both coasts. Space and Treasure, Metro-Orlando, Miami and Tampa. One hot reflection.

Atlantic Net picks up Park Avenue and serves 47 cities throughout Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi. LookSmart directory, Lakeland county, and search from their front page.

Primenet and Palmnet still do battle in Melbourne except Primenet merged with Global Center which is an affiliate of Global Crossing who is building and offering services over the world's first global fiber-optic network with 97,200 announced route miles, serving five continents, 24 countries and more than 200 major cities reports the web site.
A lopsided battle perhaps but lets talk Space Coast- Merrit Island small business?

Bluestar Fireline DSL connects Florida. Real Private Network 407-835-0600- Lucent Technologies.

BellSouth wireless e-mail Dialog. Working with Quest to bring us Fast Access and MCI Worldcom for standard dial-in. Check phone number availability @ Buzz Bellsouth or see the Fast Access Orlando highlight Map. Both Bell Atlantic and BellSouth are reported as working with SBC communications wireless. We are about to get the whole, nationwide, package.
$12.95 for standard unlimited access with a $20.00 rebate. Nothing spectacular here but they are always there and they don't disconnect. In fact, customer service from this source now comes with a snap and a pop.

Verio hosts over 300,000 thousand web sites in 127 countries. They are always up and on time. The Japanese investment makes sense if "the new owner is able to improve company performance through ... investment or management? Biz Express.
Excellent T-3 deals for site administrators.

Evolution Communications Evcom moved into the area with the purchase of InSpace. Very fast connections as they brought their technology with them, the 56k robotic connection will surpass the speed limit, literally it is against the law. Featuring a new directory and they've gone national. Site hosting and dial-in will cost a smiz about $50 per month. With occasional access to ten or so I'd rank Evcom #1 for what has become conventional dail-in speed (56).

Sprints wireless web Sprint PCS.
Sprint's DSL thru Earthlink Highspeed Sprint. Currently advertising $50.00 @ 50X.
Earthlink like MPI is not webmaster friendly so expect to be happy with what they offer.
Earthlink is working with GTE to bring DSL to the nation and keep an eye on US West and Sprint, they've been caught holding hands. Local access numbers around the country, $20.00 per month standard dial-in, competitive hosting, there is an extra charge for more than one e-mail.

Cambridge-USA, the fast access alternative. Duel fed 56 or V90 standard phone connections.

Flashcom DSL lightning. Orlando is slated for September, call to see what speed is available now. $50.00 per month! -Yahoo Mag-

Road Runner high speed Internet service from Time Warner is available in parts of Orlando. (1 877 892-3279) or try the zip code search at TW Central Florida. Excite News reports RR reaching 550,000 subscribers in 37 markets at the end of 1999 and Egroups report that this service is so fast that a whole photo album can be downloaded in the same amount of time as conventional modems download a single picture.

Access Orlando $15 a month, nice site Access Orl, travel, travel! Now positioned as one of Orlando's largest independent ISP's. Notice those listings by Infoseek, Snap, Yahoo, Excite, ...

Intellistar Intellistar Miami.
Home of Info-Orlando, Netpass dot com and the Orlando Weekly.

BitStorm Bitstorm leads Deltona into the Digital Age. Deltona rolls Orlando rocks.

Global Data Net GDI + Metrolink = Travel and Yahoo? Currently advertising inexpensive access.

Webtrafix- $8.00 per month, $30.00 dollar set-up, tech support, the inexpensive small business hosting route. Excellent stats program. Now offering national dial-up at $17.95 and a shopping cart at no charge with the $24.95 plan. Webtrafix!

Network Solutions' Leading dot net serves 20 Florida Cities and have just added 3 T-1's. Jacksonville HQ's.

Access aggregator Starnet Megapop is a wholesale access internet provider, has signed an agreement with Covad and offers DSL service in the U.S. including Miami. -ISP Portal.com-

Rhythms NetConnections, Quest and Covad are named as the wholesale DSL competitiors Upside.

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