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They will do anything for pearls! According to Ybor City (pronounced e-bor) tradition (Tampa). Men pass out strings of beads and are rewarded with a flash.

The problem with the Jacksonville Jaguars is that from inception they began to win. I love the Buc's because they've paid their dues. BoDean.

It's a conspiracy! There is a movement afoot to replace Florida's state bird, the Mockingbird, with the Crane. The Building Crane. Thanks Joe from Orlando.

Becky from Belleview; When I came to Florida from Texas I was so tired it took five days to make the trip and when arriving I weighed less than 100 lbs, due to drug use. I've been clean four years Becky says slyly, tell me, how do I look now?

Sylvia about Arcadia; Strap it up when you come to Arcadia baby, this is Cowboy Country. Didn't you see the sign? "Rodeo".

Buddy from Daytona when asked about his job; I've cleaned this small swimming pool at this hotel for room and board over the last 25 years, I sell marijuana to get a little extra spending money and sell Christmas trees in Ft. Meyers for a yearly bonus. My days are spent watching suits and selling Panama Jack under those palm fronds there. No you dumb-ass, bathing suits.

An elderly black gentleman fishing for perch off the shore of the southernmost tip of the continental United States; When the depression hit many years ago this is how we survived- Grits, Grunts and Gravy.

Jerry the construction worker when asked about his hunting skill; When we were very young my father was critically injured in a factory accident and I'll tell you, there is nothing in Florida that walks, crawls or flies that my brother and I haven't eaten, at least once.
And by the way, everyone north of Ocala is a Yankee!

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